What to do after Hurricane Ophelia?


Ireland is rarely affected by hurricanes or big storms:

  • 1839 – Night of the Big Wind
  • 1947 – The Big Snow
  • 1961 – Hurricane Debbie
  • 1963 – Worst Winter in Ireland ever
  • 1986 – Hurricane Charley
  • 2011 – Hurricane Katia

Unfortunately on 16th of October 2017 tropical storm Ophelia passed over Ireland affecting many homes and businesses, and sadly causing 3 deaths on its way.  Ophelia is one of the most powerful storm to hit Ireland since Hurricane Debbie in 1961.

Today 17th, 245.000 home and businesses still remain without power.  It can take up to 10 days to be reconnected. Many others are without water, telephone, broadband or mobile services and this number can increase during the following days due to damages caused by Ophelia.

The clean-up operation has already started, but we are still uncertain as to the full entensity of the damage.

What to do after Hurricane Ophelia?

If your property has been damaged by Storm Ophelia, you will need to take the following measures:-

  • Take photographs of the damage
  • Remove wet or damaged items and take the before and after pictures
  • Don’t start making any permanent repairs
  • Keep receipts for any related expenses
  • Make an inventory of the total damage
  • Phone your insurance company as soon as possible, don’t delay as some insurance companies have a limited time to make a claim

It can be really daunting assessing all the damages and some of the damage might not be visible until days, weeks or even months after.  As public loss assessors with more than 20 years’ experience, we highly recommend contacting a professional which can help you ASAP.  We prepare and manage the claim to your insurance company – it is not an easy task, but you’re not alone. We ensure you receiving the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to under your policy.

We offer a free consultation and advice , so please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 087 9714097 (Donegal) / 01 88 22988 (Dublin) or through our contact form/ arrange a survey.

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