Flood Damage Insurance Claims

The best way to deal with Flood damage insurance claims is having an expert on your side. Flooding, whether due to a burst riverbank, flash flood or broken water main is a distressing and frightening experience. No matter where the flood water came from, it will be contaminated with sewage and/or other pollutants. Extensive sanitation following ‘stripping out’ will therefore be required before dehumidifiers are installed and the drying process commences.

The drying out of a flooded property is a specialist operation; too much heat and rapid drying can cause shrinkage and more damage to the property than the flood water itself. Insufficient drying and a lack of anti-fungal treatment before refurbishment work commences can lead to wet & dry rot problems in the future – problems which are not, incidentally, covered by your insurance policy. Flood damage insurance claims are not easy to deal with.

Many other issues also need to be addressed when affected by flooding, such as:

  • Where do you stay while repairs are being carried out?
  • How long will it take?
  • Do you have to use the insurance company’s surveyors and contractors?
  • Who decides what work needs to be done?
  • How will you know if the work is being carried out correctly?
  • Who will prepare the contents and compensation claims?
  • How will you know you’re getting what you’re entitled to?
  • Who will co-ordinate the claims and deal with the daily telephone calls, meetings with
    the insurance company, loss adjuster, surveyor, contractors, and suppliers?

Unless you appoint a claims consultant like Nationwide Claims, you as the policyholder are responsible for all of the above – and a lot more besides to help you with your flood damage insurance claim.

Don’t forget that the loss adjuster is not responsible for preparing your flood damage insurance claim.

Flood Damage Claims

Unless you happen to be an insurance expert yourself, you simply won’t know whether you are making the correct claim, or whether you are getting what you’re entitled to without the help of a Loss Assessor. Engaging specialists like Nationwide Claims to look after your interests is the only way you can be truly sure that your property is reinstated correctly, and that you receive your full entitlement in all respects.