Insurance Claim Process

The Insurance Claim Process can be really tedious and tricky, especially if you never did it before. A clear claim with all associated documentation is essential. As professional Loss Assessors we know how to walk through each step of the Insurance Claim Process in order to maximise your success.

Let us manage your Insurance Claim Process and Maximise your Claim Settlement!

Our Insurance Claim Process

  1. Initial Free Consultation

    . The first consultation will be by phone, we will listen to your information and we will give you the best advice. Do not hesitate to contact us as our advice can save you many issues during an insurance claim process.

  2. Initial Survey

    . After the initial phone call, one of our professional loss assessors will visit your property within 48 hours to assess the damage. We will immediately advise you on how to prevent further damage to your property.

    No Win, No Fee.

    The survey is free if we detect that there is no possibility of winning the claim.

  3. Prepare your Claim

    . An important step in the Insurance Claim Process is preparing and compiling all the documentation evidence to corroborate your Claim. At Nationwide Claims we will ensure you have all the necessary documentation.

    In addition, we make sure you claim everything that should be included in a full loss assessor service, including a study of what you are entitled to under your policy so you don’t miss out.

  4. Submit your Claim

    . Once we have all the documentation needed, we will submit your Claim, in order to help you get the right compensation.

  5. Negotiate Settlement

    . Insurance companies are professionals in their business; therefore you will need experts who are able to keep the balance between your interests and theirs. Loss Assessors Nationwide Claims will undertake negotiations, on your behalf, with your Insurance Company, to get the best settlement you’re entitled to. Thanks to our professional representation, you will maximise your chances of success.

    At this step of the Insurance Claim process, we include meetings, if any, with the Loss Adjuster from your Insurance Company.

  6. Settlement

    . At the end of the Insurance Claim Process, you can choose to use repair contractors recommended by your Insurance Company but, by law, you have the right to choose your own repair contractor. For this reason, you can be entitled to receive the related economic compensation instead.

    On the other hand, if you prefer, we can manage all your repairs and can arrange a suitable contractor to carry out all necessary works if required.

  7. Help you along the process

    . If your property has become uninhabitable or you need a place to live while the repairs have been done, we can help you find a temporary accommodation.

During all the Insurance Claim Process we will keep you updated, and reply to any questions you have throughout. The Insurance Claim Process is the same for each type of claim: burglary, burst pipe, fire, flood or subsidence.