Smoke and Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire Insurance Claims are tedious and are hard to deal with without experience, especially after suffering the disturbing experience of a fire. A fire is a traumatic experience for the whole family. Physical damage from the fire can extend into areas not visible and the smoke damage will find its way into every nook and cranny in the house. Soot is corrosive and will eat into the electronic components of TVs, Videos and DVDs, therefore it is important that your home is thoroughly cleaned to prevent further long term issues.

You will have questions following the fire, some of which may be:

  • How long will it take to make my fire insurance claim?
  • Where can my family live while the fire damage repairs are going on?
  • Do we have control over what work is carried out on our property?
  • Can we choose which Surveyors and Contractors work on our home, rather than having to use the ones favored by the insurance company?
  • How can we be confident the repairs have been thorough?
  • How do we put together the contents and buildings claims to ensure we get everything we are entitled to?
  • How will we find the time to make the daily claim telephone calls, attend meetings with the insurance company, loss adjuster, surveyor, contractors and suppliers.

Smoke and Fire Claims

Without the support of Loss Assessors like Nationwide Claims, it is your responsibility as the policyholder, to find answers to all of these questions – and a lot more besides. Don’t forget – the loss adjuster’s job is to “adjust” your contents and buildings insurance claim once you have spent all the time needed to prepare it for them, and although they are officially independent he is employed by the insurance company and must therefore settle your fire insurance claim as economically as possible. The reality is that without engaging the expertise of a Loss Assessing firm like Nationwide Claims you will find it very difficult to guarantee your property has been reinstated to the best possible standard, and that you receive the full compensation that is due under your home insurance policy.