Burglary Insurance Claims

A burglary is always traumatic and leave you feeling violated. Afterwards, burglary insurance claims are exhausting and will require the right steps from your side. The loss adjuster will look carefully at whether the insurance company can reject or reduce your claim by investigating whether or not you have complied with the policy conditions, such as having the right locks or whether you are underinsured. If the claim is accepted, more often than not the insurance company will try to insist that they replace all stolen items through their own network of suppliers – which may not suit everyone.

Many issues need to be addressed when being victim of a burglary, such as:

  • Who will deal with the repairs to your home?
  • How can you prove what has been stolen?
  • How will you calculate your claim and who will arrange all the estimates and valuations?
  • Who will co-ordinate and present the claim and deal with the daily telephone calls, meetings
    with the insurance company, loss adjuster, and suppliers?
  • How long will it take?

Burglary Claims

The support and experience of a claims consultant like Nationwide Claims on a burglary claim is essential to help you get what you’re entitled to. The loss adjuster works for the insurance company and will try to reduce cost for them as much as possible.