Subsidence Insurance Claims

Subsidence at your home can be catastrophic and put at risk what for most people is their most valuable asset. Moreover, Subsidence Insurance Claims are difficult, as sometimes Subsidence is hard to prove. Before the insurance company will accept that you have a valid subsidence claim, there will need to be extensive site investigations such as trial holes, soil tests, drainage tests and monitoring that can go on for months or even years. Throughout this period, you have to endure the distress of seeing your home literally falling apart around you.
Many questions will arise when affected by subsidence, such as:

  • How long will it all take?
  • Who decides what work needs to be carried out?
  • Do you have to use the insurance company’s surveyors, engineers and contractors?
  • How will you know if the work is being carried out correctly?
  • Who will co-ordinate and present the claim and deal with the daily telephone calls, meetings with the insurance company, loss adjuster, surveyors, engineers, contractors and suppliers etc?

Subsidence Claims

A claims consultant like Nationwide Claims will work on your behalf to resolve your claim.

The loss adjuster works for the insurance company and is only interested in looking at the costs once they have been presented to him. Even if outwardly friendly and helpful, the loss adjuster reports to the insurance company and must settle the subsidence claim as economically as he can. Unless you happen to be an insurance expert yourself, you simply won’t know whether what he is telling you is correct or not, or whether you are getting what you’re entitled to.