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Loss Assessors

Nationwide Claims is a public Loss Assessors company with more than 20 years’ experience working for policy holders all around Ireland. We’ve successfully handled hundreds of domestic and commercial claims and, because of that, insurance companies and loss adjusters respect us for our approach across the industry.

Nationwide Claims is a sister company of Murray & Gillespie Quantity Surveyors Limited. Our team consists of Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Loss Assessors who have over 25 years combined experience in the Construction industry.

Our Goal, as Loss Assessors, is to support and help our clients through the minefield of an insurance claim. We handle any type of claims such as burglary, burst pipes, fire, flood or subsidence. We don’t have a confrontational style, we take a carefully measured approach based on our vast negotiating experience. As a result, we have developed an excellent working relationship with insurers and their loss adjusters across Ireland, which ensures we achieve the best outcome for our clients.

When faced with making an insurance claim, it’s best to have a professional on your side. No matter how complex or how detailed the negotiations, as your Loss Assessors, will be completely focused achieving your maximum settlement. On the meantime, you can concentrate on getting your life back on track or securing the future of your business, safe in the knowledge that your best interests are our priority.

Which benefits can bring you a Loss Assessor?

  • Take away the stress.

  • Loss Assessors take away the burden. We handle all the paperwork, compile the necessary documentation, liaise with your insurer and their loss adjuster, find temporary accommodation and oversee the restoration of your property.
    Protect your greatest assets.

    Whether it’s your belongings, your home or your business that’s been affected, you shouldn’t risk having it reinstated to less than it was before. As Loss Assessors, we can ensure your greatest assets will be restored to their full value.

  • Make the appropriate claim.

  • We will fight, on your behalf, for everything you’re entitled to under your policy so you don’t miss out. As experienced loss assessors, we have come across too many different cases in our career. We are very aware of the importance of feeling secure when an incident that can endanger our comfort and safety happens. Because of that, we always try to put ourselves in our client’s place when facing a claim and not overlook what is important.

  • Don’t go it alone.

  • With professional representation, you maximise your chances of success. You would never enter the court without a lawyer. In the same way, you shouldn’t embark on a complicated insurance claim without a professional loss assessor negotiating on your behalf.

  • Manage all repairs.

  • If required, we can arrange a suitable contractor to carry out all necessary works. We are in frequent contact with the best contractors in Ireland to ensure the works required during claims process are done efficiently and high quality.

We are happy to offer you the professional advice and service that is needed to ensure a successful outcome and that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to under your policy.

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